After Hours Policy

Approved August 8, 2019

Permitted uses of Mason Library After-Hours: Meeting room access is granted on an equal basis but priority is given to Town Committee and Board use.  The Community Room is the only room available for meetings outside normal library hours.  The Great Barrington Libraries will not allow revenue-generating activities hosted by for-profit entities on the premises. The library director reserves the right, in consultation with the Board, to decline room requests. 

Fee and Application: Town Boards and Committees may use the space without incurring a fee.   Otherwise the Town does assess a $35 building use fee.  The Town Building Use Procedure form must be completed, signed and returned to either the Library Director or Assistant Director of Programming. Both the fee and form must be completed four weeks prior to the event. 

Occupancy: The occupancy of the Community Room is 75 standing or 50 seated.  This occupancy limit must adhered to.

Food: Light refreshments may be consumed in the Community Room with advanced notice but the group must clean up and dispose of the trash at the end of the evening.  There are no alcoholic beverages allowed. 

Set up and Clean-Up: Please be sure to return the area to the condition in which you found it.  Any cleaning required after an event will be subject to a cleaning charge up to $250.

Security: The person requesting the use of the library’s space is personally responsible for all damage, theft or vandalism that may occur to the library during the event/meeting. Any outside group will need to provide proof of liability insurance if requested.

Key Check Out: Upon successful completion of the Town Building Use Procedure form and acceptance from the library director, you will be contacted to schedule a walk through/key check out session during library hours.  The key MUST be returned by placing it in the special return enveloped clearly identified for this purpose and dropping it in the book drop slot immediately after the building is secured.  There is a fine of $50 for late key return and a lost key replacement charge of $150. 

Important: at any time the library is closed you must:

  1. Make sure all entrances are locked within 20 minutes from the start of the event/meeting, or
  2. Station a greeter in the elevator lobby on the main floor at all times if the doors are left unlocked.  DO NOT leave the library entrances unlocked and unattended.