Exhibit Space

Mason Library  provides exhibit space for community organizations and individuals who have displays on topics of educational, cultural, non-partisan political, social and recreational interest.  There is no charge for the use of the Libraries’ display facilities.  Using the Libraries’ facilities does not in any way constitute or imply endorsement of beliefs, policies or programs by any library official or by the Board of Trustees.

There are two glass cases in the Reading Room for exhibits in Mason Library.

Requests for the use of the display cases by the public should be directed to the Assistant Director, who, in consultation with the Library Director, will determine if a display is suitable and regulate the amount of time an exhibit may occupy a space. The exhibitor will agree to remove the exhibit promptly on the agreed upon date. The Library is not responsible for loss or damage of any item on display, and reserves the right to remove or refuse any material judged unsuitable.

Exhibitors may be required to provide means to display the works properly:  wires for hanging pictures, pedestals for displaying three-dimensional objects, labels, etc.  Attached to exhibits not sponsored by the Library will be the following policy statement:

The Library has made this space available as a courtesy to (name). The Library makes exhibit space available to individuals and groups who have displays of educational, cultural, non-partisan political, social and recreational interest to the community.

General Guidelines for Use

  1. Displays are for the enjoyment, education or enlightenment of the people of Great Barrington, or for the benefit of a Great Barrington based non-profit organization.
  2. Although the display cases are locked and the building is protected by burglar and fire alarms, the owners of the displays are urged to make sure they have sufficient insurance to cover vandalism, theft or any other damage that might occur.  The Library is not responsible for theft or damage of items.
  3. No prices may appear on the items.
  4. Holes may not be put in the walls.
  5. Exhibitors are responsible for any sales in the library.
  6. The exhibitor is responsible for setting up and dismantling all exhibits in a time mutually agreed upon with staff members.
  7. Applications must be submitted at least two weeks before desired use date.
  8. A complete exhibit inventory must be submitted to the Assistant Director no later than the time of installation.
  9. The library must be supplied with biographical material and descriptions of the display for use in library publications when space permits.
  10.  Special events related to any exhibit will be coordinated separately with the Assistant Director.

Approved by the Board of Trustees June 12, 2014

Great Barrington Libraries subscribe to the American Library Association’s EXHIBIT SPACES AND BULLETIN BOARDS: AN INTERPRETATION OF THE LIBRARY BILL OF RIGHTS.



Application for Use of Library Exhibit/Display Space



Exhibitor Information


Name: _____________________________________________


Contact Person, if a Group: __________________________


Address: ____________________________________________


Telephone: __________________________________________


Exhibit Information


Title/Subject: ________________________________________


Medium: ________________________________________________


Space Requirements: __________________________________



Number of Pieces: _____________________________________


Preferred Dates: _____________ to _____________________


Signature and Date: ___________________________________









Approved Dates: _________________ to ______________________


Authorized Signature: ____________________________________








Approved by the Board of Library Trustees on June 12, 2014


Liability Waiver




Exhibit to be held in _______________________________________


Dates _________________________



I, __________________________, hereby lend the following works of art of other material to the Great Barrington Libraries for exhibit purposes only.  In consideration of the privilege of exhibiting them in the Library, I hereby release Great Barrington Libraries, the Town of Great Barrington and employees thereof from responsibility for any loss, damage, or destruction while they are in the possession of the library.


Description of materials on display:







Signature ___________________________  Date _____________________


Print Name ___________________________________________________


Address____________________________   Phone ___________________