Computer and Wi-Fi Use and Access Policy


Public access computers and wireless internet access are available at Mason Library and Ramsdell Library.

Policies and Procedures

The Internet offers access to many valuable sources of information, some of which may be inaccurate, incomplete, dated or offensive to some individuals.  The Great Barrington Libraries cannot be held responsible for the content or quality of the information accessed through the Internet. The library staff does not actively monitor or have control over the subject matter being accessed by any patron. Neither the Great Barrington Board of Library Trustees, nor the library staff, nor the town of Great Barrington is liable for any negative consequences that may result from using the library computer services.

As with other library materials, the Great Barrington Libraries request that parents or legal guardians assume the responsibility for monitoring his or her child’s use of electronic resources.  See Children’s Behavior Policy for complete children’s computer policy.


Mason Library

Terminals in the Reading Room and on the right side of the stairway are available for one hour long sessions.  The terminals on the left side of the stairway are available for twenty minute sessions.  Both types of access require a PIN from the front desk.  Patrons are allowed one hour long session and one twenty minute session per day.  Additional time may be granted if there is space.  Computers will shut down automatically fifteen minutes before closing.

iPads are available to check out at the Circulation Desk.  These are loaned out for two hours at a time and cannot leave the library.  Patrons must present their library card and ID when checking out an iPad.  The library will hold onto the patron’s ID until the item is returned.

Patrons under 17 years of age must have the signed consent of a parent or legal guardian to use computers and iPads at Ramsdell or Mason.  The form can be accessed on the website or requested of Circulation staff.

Computers and iPads in the Children’s Room at Mason are for the exclusive use of children, teens and accompanying adults. It is expected that parents will be aware of what children are viewing.

Ramsdell Library

Laptops and iPads are available to borrow from the circulation desk.  They are loaned out for two hours at a time and can be used in the library only.  Patrons must have their library card and ID to check out a laptop or an iPad.  The library will hold onto the patron’s ID until either item is returned. Patrons at Ramsdell will be reminded fifteen minutes before closing that their session needs to end.

Wireless (Wi-Fi)

Both Mason Library and Ramsdell Library have free Wi-Fi access available for patron use.  The wireless networks are not secure.  Information sent over these networks can be captured by others.  Library staff is not able to provide advanced technical assistance and no guarantee can be provided that you will be able to make a wireless connection. We do not offer printing via the wireless network at this time but users may save their data or send it via email and then use one of the library’s computer workstations to print out information.


All of the library desktop and laptop computers are connected to a printer.  Black and white printouts are      $0.15 a page.  We do not currently offer wireless printing for iPads or other devices.

Students may print up to twenty pages a day of homework-related material. Whether material is home-work related is determined by the library staff.


Headphones are required for listening to any resource with an audio component.  Users may purchase headphones for $2.00 from the circulation desk or use their own.

A USB-ready memory device is required to save your work.  Items saved to the computer will be deleted at the end of your session.

Public Access Computers are to be used in a manner that is both legal and respectful to other patrons.

Public access computers may not be used to:

  • Harass others
  • Commit fraud, libel or slander
  • Violate copyright
  • Deliberately display obscene images.

In addition, patrons may not deliberately damage equipment, software, files or data or attempt to violate system security.

The deliberate display of obscene materials and images is prohibited by Massachusetts General Law (Chapter 272, Section 29). If a patron accidentally enters an offensive site and is unable to exit, notify a librarian immediately so they may provide assistance.

Patrons violating these and other library policies may lose all library privileges.

Replacement costs will be charged for damages caused to hardware, software, or furnishings.

Drinks must be in covered containers and shall be kept away from computers and other electronic equipment.


Parental Permission Slip Computers 2017

Parent/Guardian Consent Form for Open Access Computer Use

All patrons younger than seventeen (17) years of age must have a copy of this form on file with the Great Barrington Libraries.  Forms must be signed by a parent or guardian in the presence of a member of the library staff, who must countersign the agreement.


As the parent or legal guardian of ______________________________________, I give permission for my minor child to use the open access internet computers at the Great Barrington Libraries with the understanding that I am responsible for monitoring my child’s appropriate use of the computers, and that I am also responsible for any damage that may occur by inappropriate use.


Child’s Name _______________________________ Child’s Date of Birth _______________

Parent/Guardian Signature _____________________________   Date _______________

Address ________________________________________________

Telephone ______________________________________

Library Staff Witness ____________________________________________


Adopted by the Board of Trustees on August 10, 2017