iPad Policy

The Great Barrington Libraries has purchased a number of iPads, for checkout to patrons at both Ramsdell and Mason Libraries. It is our intent in offering this service in respect to our mission, to assist our patrons in learning new technologies and open new avenues to education and information.

Borrowing an iPad

  1. iPads can be checked out from Mason & Ramsdell’s circulation desks during regular operating hours.
  2. Children and Young Adults (4-25) at Mason Library must check out iPads from the Children’s Department. Adults check out iPads from the Adult Circulation Desk. Patrons of all ages check out iPads at the circulation desk in the Ramsdell Library.
  3. The devices are for in-library use only and cannot be taken out of the building.
  4. Devices are available on a first come, first serve basis.  There are no holds or reserves.
  5. A library card and license must be presented and will be held at the main service desk while the device is being used.
  6. Students, who do not yet have licenses, must have a parent visit the library to sign a form accepting responsibility for their child’s use of the device.  This form will be kept on file at the Mason Children’s’ or Ramsdell Circulation desk, and a library card is all that is required for use of a device thereafter.
  7.  Borrowers may only check out one device at a time and must be returned to the library circulation desk from which it was taken. It must be handed directly to the librarian on duty.
  8. Borrowers understand that the device uses an unsecured Wi-Fi internet connection, and that the Library assumes no responsibility for the compromise of personal data.  Users are responsible for logging out of any websites or apps before returning the device.
  9. Borrowers must use headphones or mute the sound when playing any audio content. Headphones are available for $2.00 at the main service desk.
  10. Borrowers may not purchase any apps or eBooks on the tablets. Suggestions for future purchases by the library may be submitted to the librarians.
  11. The library cannot guarantee that any files saved on the devices will be available for future use. Such files are cleared regularly.
  12. Printing functions are not available for the devices.
  13. The Computer and Wi-Fi Use and Access Policy of the Great Barrington Public Library applies to device use.
  14. Persons violating the terms of library policy may have their privilege of using library computers suspended or revoked.

Fines and Damages

  • A twenty five dollar ($25) fine for each day or part of each day that the iPad is not returned to the Great Barrington Libraries’ Circulation desk from which it was checked out. Fines will be recorded on the borrower’s library record and may result in borrowing and registration restrictions.
  • If the iPad is not returned to the Great Barrington Libraries Circulation desk (from which it was checked out) with in seven (7) days after it was borrowed (including the day upon which it was borrowed, you will be responsible for paying the full cost of replacing the iPad.
  • The working condition of the iPad will be assessed before checkout and upon its return.  Users are responsible for damage to and/or loss or theft of loaned units. Users are required to report any problems experienced with the iPad during their borrowing period.
  • The replacement cost for a lost, stolen, or damaged iPad is $600. If an iPad is lost or stolen, the borrower will be charged for its replacement.
  • A charge of $40.00 will be assessed for each lost power cord and adapter; $50 for a lost case. Damage charges to the iPad will be assessed based on the actual repair costs.

Personal Data and Information

  • The iPads have 32GB of internal memory and are equipped with Wi-Fi which can be accessed anywhere at the library. The iPad comes with a suite of preloaded sample files and applications. If the user adds or syncs additional data and applications, all data will be wiped and replaced with the standard preloaded files and apps when the iPad is returned to the library.
  • Any additional apps or media purchased by the borrower during the loan period must be done with the borrower’s own funds, and is not the responsibility of the Library.
  • Any data or documents saved to the iPad by the patron during the loan period will be permanently erased during the restore process.

 Adopted by the Board of Trustees on August 10, 2017