Performance Rules and Contract

The Great Barrington Libraries are always interested in hearing from local and regional performers for library events. If you are interested in holding a performance at Mason or Ramsdell, please contact Assistant┬áDirector Talya Leodari. A copy of the libraries’ performer contract can be found here. When considering a library performance, please be aware:

  • Capacity of the library rooms is regulated by fire code and must not exceed regulations.
  • No collections for admissions or fees may be collected on the premises.
  • Performances which extend beyond normal hours require prearrangement.
  • All marketing materials and promotional materials concerning the event must be submitted to the Director prior to disbursement.
  • No food or beverage may be served or consumed in the library without prior consent.
  • Performers are required to be at the library at least 15 minutes before the event begins.
  • The Artist acknowledges that photographs or video/audio recordings of the scheduled events may be made by or on behalf of the Organization and hereby agrees to the reasonable photographing or recording and the use thereof by the Organization for archival and promotional purposes only.
  • The Artist acknowledges that the event is held in a public, unrestricted access facility and therefore, the Artist acknowledges and agrees that the Organization shall have no control over or liability for recording, (either audio or visual), of the performance by any member of the public, media, or audience.
  • The Artist acknowledges that if this event is an outdoor venue, cancellations due to inclement weather shall be at the sole discretion of the Organization.