Wine and Beer Policy

Alcoholic beverages will be served at the Great Barrington Libraries in compliance with state and local laws.  All alcoholic beverages served must be given away free and the library must not be reimbursed for the cost in any way.

Wine and beer are the only kinds of alcoholic beverages which may be served.  All occasions in which wine and beer are served shall have previous approval by first, the Great Barrington Libraries Board of Trustees and then, by permit from the Great Barrington Selectboard.

On each occasion, wine and beer will be served for no more than a three hour period.

Wine and beer will only be served if food is also served.

Non-alcoholic beverages will always be available and plentiful when wine and beer are being served.

Persons serving wine and beer to guests shall be of legal age and will not consume wine or beer.

Those serving the wine and beer will monitor the alcohol consumption of individual guests and discontinue service to individuals if deemed appropriate or necessary.

No wine and beer served will be purchased with operating funds.

This policy will be reviewed annually by the Great Barrington Libraries Board of Trustees.

Voted 19 May 2016