Additional Assistance


Patrons who do not find the help links provided on our main Digital Media web page useful or easily accessible (several are videos requiring a faster internet connection), may find that the following links provide additional, helpful information:

C/W Mars Digital Content (“Overdrive”):

For both iOS and Android phones and tablets, the best way to access Overdrive is through the new “Libby” app which is very intuitive. Libby for Android is available here, and for iOS here. (As an app, Libby is not compatible with PC or Mac computers.) To read more about Libby click here.

General overview help page for Overdrive:
Getting Started

Kindle e-reader (includes all e-ink devices – basic Kindle, Paperwhite, Voyage, Oasis, etc.):
Download a book from the C/W Mars Digital Catalog (for Step 1, use the image on the left)

Nook tablets (only Nook tablets, NOT e-ink Nooks):
Download a book from the C/W Mars Digital Catalog (for Step 3, use the image on the left)

Magazines and other periodicals (via the Nook app on Android or iOS or Nook tablets only). Please note that C/W Mars will be dropping periodicals in the near future:
Download a periodical from the C/W Mars Digital Catalog

Kindle Fire tablets:
Digital content on Kindle Fire devices

iPhones and iPads:
C/W Mars Digital on iOS Devices

Using the Kindle Reading app (last item on left under “Devices and Platforms” on the linked page):
Kindle Reading App on tablets and computers

Andriod phones and tablets:
Using C/W Mars Digital on Android devices

Apple computers (MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, etc.) (for Step 1, use the image on the left):
Getting started with a Mac

Windows 8, RT & 10 computers (including Surface tablets with Win 10) (for Step 3, use the image on the left):  Windows 8 & 10 computers

Computers running earlier versions of Windows (may not work with all machines) (for Step 1, use the image on the left:
Downloading to a Windows computer

Axis 360 (“app” based, so not compatible with e-ink devices such as basic Nook and Kindle):

For all iOS and Andriod devices (including Kindle Fire):
Using the Axis 360 Mobile App
Tip: for Mason or Ramsdell Library in Axis 360, choose “Great Barrington Libraries”

Separate articles covering each device compatible with Axis 360:
Single page with link to each device is here.

General help, tips, and answers to questions about Axis 360:
Axis 360 Help

EBL (Ebooks Library)

Tip: for Mason or Ramsdell Library in EBL, choose “C/W Mars” at the start of “C” for your library, NOT “Great Barrington Libraries”

EBL general help website:
EBL Overview

Downloading EBL books:
Accessing Ebooks from EBL

Searching for EBL titles:
Search EBL


Currently, there are no additional help resources available for Biblioboard other than those listed on our main Digital Media page, although the company is working on making text guides
and walk-throughs available. Patrons who desire more information about any of the above resources should contact Mason Library.